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    • Maximize your cleaning quality for higher customer satisfaction.
    • Minimize your operating/owning costs for greater savings.
    • Learn via our Blueprint for Success Resource Center and our air duct cleaning blogs.
    • Receive the best value and customer service for your dollar.

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International Distributors:

  • Serving the Middle East:  Magic_Touch_Logo_-_Color Magic Touch Group, Mr. Shiju Gokulan, Dubai, UAE, Tel: 971-4-2626510, Email:
  • Serving Latin America: Indoor Environmental Consultants, Mr. Carlos Gonzalez Boothby, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Tel: 787-568-8880, Email: .  
  • Looking for Distributors in India, China, and Australia.   


Please contact me with any questions:

    Peter Haugen, ASCS, CVI
    Vac Systems International
    855-Vac-Systems or 952-808-1619


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