Work Faster, Clean Better with these proven 

 Air Duct Cleaning Products & Solutions!         

portable-vacuum-collection-system  Vacuum Collection Systems

 Residential: Electric Portable Systems, Gas Portable   System, Gas Trailer/Truck Mount System.

 Commercial: Electric Portable Systems (110v/60Hz,   220v/60Hz and 220v/50Hz).


Agitation and Cleaning Tools

 Air Whip Systems, Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools, Drill Driven   Cable Brushing Systems, Pneumatic Power Brushing   System, Long Reach Power Brushing Systems, Robotic   Power Brushing Systems, Contact Vacuuming Systems,   and Air Compressors.  


 Inspecting and Documenting your Air Duct   Cleaning

 Robotic Systems and Manual System 

super-cart-spray-system  Coating HVAC Systems

 Cart Spray Systems, All in One HVAC System Coatings,     Specialty Coatings and Closed Cell Insulation.


 Cleaning HVAC Coils

 Residential Coil Cleaning Tools and Commercial Coil   Cleaning Tools.

duct-accessing-zoning-closing-items  Air Duct Cleaning Supplies

 Access Cutting Tools, Access Covers, Cap Plugs, Duct   Mast, Zone Bags, Zip Screws and Metal Shavings Control   System.

 Chemicals Used In HVAC System Cleaning.


 Air Duct Cleaning Equipment   Packages,  Pricing and Leasing

 Typical Equipment Packages, Price List and Leasing   Information.



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International Distributors:

  • Serving the Middle East:  Magic_Touch_Logo_-_Color Magic Touch Group, Mr. Shiju Gokulan, Dubai, UAE, Tel: 971-4-2626510, Email:
  • Serving Latin America: Indoor Environmental Consultants, Mr. Carlos Gonzalez Boothby, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Tel: 787-568-8880, Email: .  
  • Looking for Distributors in India, China, and Australia. 

Special Announcement! 

Greetings, I hope all is going well!  After 25 years in this great industry I have decided to retire.  To that end, on September 28, 2018 I sold Vac Systems International to Mr. Rich Barrett.  I will be working with Rich during the transition period.  Rich (an Engineer) had high hopes to take Vac Systems International to the next level to better serve air duct cleaning contractors everywhere. 

I want to thank everyone (customers, prospects, vendors) for the time we have spent together.  It's the people that make this a great industry and I will miss all of you!


Peter Haugen


Moving forward and if you have any questions, please contact:

    Rich Barrett
    Vac Systems