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New flexible cable technology means longer life and less twisting!

Posted by Peter Haugen on Mon, Aug 26, 2013 @ 04:13 PM

super cable II  25' Super cable II

The first Super Cable Brush System was introduced by Vac System Industries in 1994.  It quickly became a primary duct cleaning tool for many air duct cleaning contractors because it delivered excellent cleaning results in smaller ductwork (under 16”). It was designed to clean ductwork with turns and drops.  With a choice of nylon media or silica carbide media in the brushes, these systems can effectively clean sheet metal, flex, and ductboard/insulated surfaces.  That original Super Cable design remained basically unchanged for 19 year until today!

Vac Systems International is proud to introduce a new  Super Cable II!  The new Super Cable II incorporates a bearing in the drill end of the cable which greatly reduces the internal resistance/friction.  This means you get minimal (if any) kinking/twisting and most importantly, longer cable life.  This means the Super Cable II gives you the best possible value of any
flexible cable system! 

The new Super Cable II is part our Super Cable Brushing Systems and our Super Combo Brushing Systems.  For complete details on the new Super Cable II contact Peter Haugen at 855-Vac-Systems or 952-808-1619 or phaugen@vacsysint.com or go to Super Cable II quick link

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