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Electric Vacuum Collection System - Check List

Posted by Peter Haugen on Tue, Apr 10, 2012 @ 03:38 PM

electric [ortable vacuum collection system

Electric portable vacuum collection systems give you maximum versatility to clean the HVAC systems in the widest types of buildings.  This gives you the largest possible market for you to service and maximizes your earning potential.  Residential electric portable vacuum collection systems let you clean homes, apartments, condos, marine and light commercial buildings.  Commercial electric portable vacuum collection systems let you clean all types of commercial projects like hospitals, schools, office buildings, industrial buildings etc.  

If you are thinking about electric portable vacuum collection systems take a look at the following check list of features you should consider and why.  

1. Portability is important because you want to help your technicians be successful.  If a unit is easy to move in/out of the building or home and go up/downs stairs, set up and take down will be easier.  Your technicians will be happier and more productive.   What determines portability?  Here is what to look at:

    • Weight of the unit.  A lighter unit is easier to move up/down stairs than a heavier unit.  If you have one person crews you need a vacuum collection systems that one person can handle.
    • Number of sections.  A single section unit is easier to move than a multiple section unit.
    • Height of the unit:  If a unit is over 5’ high it can be harder to move up/down stairs. 

2. Performance is importance because is a major factor in determining your productivity.  By performance we mean suction and the more suction the better.  How do you know since there is no accepted industry standard?  You shouldn’t use “free air” cfm because that is just a measurement of a fan that is not in a cabinet and without any filters in place.  Here is what to look at:

    • Size and number of the fans.
    • Size and number of motors.
    • If available, measured cfm of unit with all filters in place.  

3. Electrical requirements are important so you know a unit will work in widest variety of homes/buildings.    To maximize your potential market you want your electric vacuum collector to be able to work in the widest variety of homes/buildings.  This means your unit must be able to operate on the lowest electrical service that is normally found. 

    • For USA market, make sure your unit will operate on 120volt/60Hz/15amp circuits from start-up to full load.
    • For overseas markets, make sure your unit will operate on 220volt/50Hz or 220volt/60Hz circuits whichever is required.  

4. Owning and operating cost is important because together they make up the total cost you will pay over the life of the unit.   First cost is important but is only part of your total cost.  The other cost factor is operating cost which is your filter replacement cost.  Over a 5-10 year life span your filter replacement cost can be more than your first cost.  Here is what to look at:

    • First cost (your purchase price).
    • Ask for a 5 year filter replacement (pre-filters and HEPA filters) cost estimate.
    • Ask if any of the pre-filters are cleanable.
    • Ask if the HEPA filter is standard or high capacity.  High capacity HEPA’s will last longer before the need to be changed.  

5. Quality of unit is important to help insure long life.  The longer you can own and use an electric portable vacuum collection system the more value it gives you.  It’s obvious that it’s to your benefit to take good care of your equipment but there some things that are outside your direct control.  Here is what to look for:

    • Warranty (length and what it covers).
    • Ask if there is any performance guarantee.
    • Ask for references of past customers so you can ask about their experiences.   

If you analysis and compare these 5 features you will find an electric vacuum collection system that best fits your needs and requirements.   For a more in-depth look at this topic click on the following link:

  How to Select an Electric Vacuum Collection Unit Guide

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