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Is a Robotic Air Duct Cleaning System Right for You?

Posted by Peter Haugen on Wed, Dec 26, 2012 @ 12:44 PM

  robotic vehicle

If you are looking for ways to improve your capabilities and productivity a robotic air duct cleaning system might be right for you.  Let’s look at what features and capabilities robotic systems offer and then you can compare that to your needs to see if there is good fit.

Inspection and Documentation:

The primary benefit of robotic systems is their ability to do inspections and the ability to document those inspections.  Doing an initial inspection of an HVAC system is great way to determine the need for air duct cleaning and a great way to sell the client.  If you can show the client that his HVAC system is dirty as you drive the robotic vehicle through the ductwork you have a good chance on securing the project.  When you have completed the project and you do a post cleaning inspection you can show the client what a good job you did.  This makes them happier about paying the bill but more importantly they are more likely to refer you to others or give you a testimonial because they have seen it with their own eyes.

If your client wants you to document the pre and post cleaning inspections most robotic systems have the capability to let you record the inspection.  Some robotic systems include microphones so you can verbally describe what the robotic cameras are showing you and some systems let you add titles and some basic editing.   After you have completed your recording you can make a DVD on your laptop and give a copy to your client.  Many times this is included in a post project report.

Cleaning (Power Brushing, Air Washing and Air Whipping):

robotic system with brush robotic system with air whip

The next main benefit of robotic systems is their ability to clean the ductwork in the HVAC system.  Sometimes a robotic system is your only cleaning option if you have limited accessibility like a hard ceiling with no way to access the ductwork or if the ductwork is underground.   The best option for you is if the robotic system gives you power brushing, basic air washing and air whipping capability.  This gives you a wide selection of cleaning tools so you choose the best cleaning tool(s) for the project.  The camera(s) on the robotic system lets you see your work so you don’t miss anything and get the level of cleaning you are looking for. Some robotic systems can clean large ductwork (that you could crawl) while others are designed for smaller ductwork that you typically would not crawl.   

Spraying (Applying Coatings and Sanitizers)

robotic system with spraying

Another benefit of robotic systems is their ability to apply coatings and sanitizers in ductwork. This can be an important capability on fire and mold restoration projects.  You would typically need a commercial airless sprayer to work with your robotic spray system to apply coating and sanitizers.   Many times using a robotic system to apply coating and sanitizer is the most productive way to complete that task. Most robotic systems can effectively spray up to 75’ of ductwork each way from one access opening.  Again the camera(s) on the robotic system lets you see your work so you don’t miss anything and get the coverage you are looking for.  Some robotic systems can only spray in smaller ductwork (under 20” high) while other can spray larger ductwork (up to 36” high).

Capability Checklist:

  • Need the ability to inspect ductwork
  • Need the ability to document your inspection
  • Need the ability to clean ductwork with limited accessibility
  • Need the ability to power brush ductwork
  • Need the ability to air wash and air whip ductwork
  • Need the ability to apply coatings and sanitizers in ductwork
  • Want to maximize your productivity

If you look at the capability checklist above and you need over half of these capabilities you might want to start looking at robotic system and how they can benefit your company.  If you have any questions regarding robotic systems go to robotic page  or Inspection page on our website. Or contact Peter Haugen at 855-Vac-Systems, 952-808-1619 or phaugen@vacsysint.com

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