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Coating HVAC Systems: Perfect Partners for Profits!

Posted by Peter Haugen on Wed, Jun 08, 2016 @ 02:14 PM


Looking to grow your revenues, expand your business and gain a competitive advantage? Take a close look at adding coating HVAC systems services. Coating HVAC systems is needed:

  • To repair and enhance deteriorated fiberglass insulation in HVAC systems.

  • To help restore HVAC systems that has been contaminated by smoke/fire.

  • To help restore HVAC systems that has been contaminated by microbial contamination.

  • To enhance and extend the life of an HVAC system and ductwork. 

  • To give the building owner significant savings by cleaning and coating the HVAC system instead of replacing items.  

To take advantage of this opportunity today! All you need is education, application equipment and a coating.




Our “Introduction to Coating & Sealing HVAC Systems Guide” gives you a good overview of this process, it covers:

  • Benefits of coating
  • When to coat
  • Contractor concerns
  • Application tools
  • Coating procedures
  • Estimating
  • Coating – airless sprayer reference chart
  • More!

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Application Equipment:    

To maximize your productivity and profits you will need a commercial airless sprayer and a cart or robotic spray system to apply coating in HVAC systems and ductwork.

  • The airless sprayer must be sized to handle the coating you want to apply (see reference chart in Guide)
  • Super Cart Spray Systems let you choose from five models to best meet your requirements and budget
  • Super Trac Robotic System with spraying option gives you great reach.   

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Tough Coat All Purpose HVAC System Coating gives you everything you want and need at a lower cost per gallon.

  • Coat sheet metal and fiberglass surfaces
  • Gives you a flexible, durable and water resistant surface
  • No stirring or straining needed
  • Lowest VOC’s at 2g/l
  • Includes an EPA registered preservative
  • LEED qualified
  • Priced right
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If you have any questions or need additional information on anything, contact Peter Haugen, Vac Systems International, at 855-Vac-Systems, 952-808-1619 or phaugen@vacsysint.com


Intro to Coating & Sealing  HVAC Systems Guide


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