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Getting to know the NADCA General Specification!

Posted by Peter Haugen on Thu, Sep 01, 2016 @ 11:24 AM


Why is this important? Many HVAC renovation projects that include air duct cleaning requirements use the “NADCA General Specification for the Cleaning and Restoration of Commercial HVAC Systems” as a template or as the basis for the project specification. The better you know and understand the NADCA specification the easier and quicker you will be able to complete your bid/quote for that project. 

The NADCA General Specification is written as an Owner’s/Architect/Mechanical Contractor/General Contractor specification. It serves as a starting point but then it must be modified for each project to accurately account the specific requirements of that project. It describes the minimum requirements necessary to coordinate a successful commercial HVAC system cleaning project.

If there is no specification on a potential project, you can offer to create one for the building owner/owner representative. In doing so, you can start with the NADCA General Specification and then modify it to fit that project and your preferred cleaning methods and tools. This may give you a slight advantage in preparing your bid/quote for that project.

The following is an outline or overview of the various sections in the NADCA General Specifications:

Part 1 -- Special Provisions

1.01 Qualification of the HVAC System Cleaning Contractor

(A) Membership

(B) Certification

(C) Supervisor Qualifications

(D) Experience

(E) Equipment, Materials and Labor

(F) Licensing

1.02 Standards

(A) NADCA Standards

1.03 Documents

(A) Mechanical Drawings

Part 2 -- HVAC System Cleaning Specifications and Requirements

2.01 Scope of Work

(A) Scope (describes what items are to be cleaned)

2.02 HVAC System Inspections and Site Preparations

(A) HVAC System Evaluation

(B) Site Evaluation and Preparations

(C) Inspector Qualifications

2.03 General HVAC System Cleaning Requirements

(A) Containment

(B) Particulate Collection

(C) Controlling Odors

(D) Component Cleaning

(E) Air-Volume Control Devices

(F) Service Openings

(G) Ceiling sections (tile)

(H) Air distribution devices (registers, grilles & diffusers)

(I) Air handling units, terminal units, blowers and exhaust fans

(J) Duct Systems

2.04 Health and Safety

(A) Safety Standards

(B) Occupant Safety

(C) Disposal of Debris

2.05 Mechanical Cleaning Methodology

(A) Source Removal Cleaning Methods

(B) Methods of Cleaning Fibrous Glass Insulated Components

(C) Damaged Fibrous Glass Material

(D) Cleaning of coils

(E) Biocidal Agents and Coatings

2.06 Cleanliness Verification

(A) General

(B) Visual Inspection

(C) Verification of Coil Cleaning

2.07 Pre-existing System Damage

2.08 Post-project Report

2.09 Applicable Standards and Publications

The NADCA_General_Specifications gives you more detail and depth of information for each of these sections. I encourage you to go through this specification in detail. The better you understand it the easier it will be to prepare your bid/quote. 

If you have any questions please contact Peter Haugen at phaugen@vacsysint.com, 855-Vac-Systems, or 952-808-1619.

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