Marketing Residential Air Duct Cleaning Services Check List

The best marketing you can do is delivering good quality work. Satisfied customers (who will refer you) are the least expensive and most effective marketing tool created. It is estimated that 60% or more of your business will come from referrals. Quality work/customer satisfaction is your first and most important marketing tool.

    • Take before cleaning and after cleaning photos. This shows your customer that you have done a good job and makes them more likely to refer you.
    • Do something extra at no charge like a free furnace filter so they remember you.
    • After every duct cleaning job leave a sticker on the furnace and deliver a door hanger flier to all the surrounding homes.
    • Start a customer referral rewards program for existing customers.
    • Encourage your customers to post about their positive experience on social media.

To get the other 40% you need to spend additional dollars and use the traditional advertising and marketing tools to build your company/brand awareness and preference. These include:

  • Build and maintain a data base of all your customers and prospects for use in you marketing and advertising efforts.
  • You’re first marketing effort should be to let your existing customers know you are offering air duct cleaning services. You have already earned their trust from your other services so they should be receptive to your new service offering. You can do this via a postcard, direct mail piece, email, phone call etc.
  • Offer them an incentive to pick-up the phone and call you. This could be a free inspection of their HVAC system, a discount on services, etc.
  • You can bundle you’re your air duct cleaning with your other services (duct cleaning and carpet cleaning, duct cleaning with new HVAC system, etc) and offer package pricing.
  • Make sure the signage on your truck/van or trailer includes air duct cleaning. Remember this is a traveling billboard.
  • Your technicians and work crews should have your business name/logo/list of services on their shirts or uniforms.
  • Use email, direct mail, mail inserts, card packs to get you sales message out there.
  • Exhibit at local home shows.
  • Create a web site or add a duct cleaning section to your existing website. Include the customer benefits of air duct cleaning, before and after photos, testimonials, any certifications etc.
  • Post about your company, your services and the benefits of your services on social media (Facebook, twitter, etc.).
  • Create a short radio ad.
  • Use telemarketing.
  • Join business networking groups like BNI International, Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce etc.
  • Be involved in your community by sponsoring a youth sport team or civic activity.
  • Become that air duct cleaning/indoor air quality expert in your area. Write articles, blogs, give informational presentation, etc.
  • Expand your service area.
  • Network with other trades and be their air duct cleaning sub contractor.

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