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New Backpack Dirt Bucket Maximizes Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Productivity and Profits!

Posted by Peter Haugen on Fri, Mar 18, 2016 @ 10:56 AM

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Vac Systems International (VSI) is proud to introduce the new Backpack Dirt Bucket designed for use on those commercial projects with a lot of dirt, like exhaust systems and large HVAC systems. The Backpack Dirt Bucket is available as an option on the Super Collector E2 vfd and the Super Collector E-Max vacuum collection systems. 

The Backpack Dirt Bucket gives you more collection capacity and delivers longer lasting suction so you can isolate and clean longer duct runs per hook-up. This maximizes your productivity (fewer hook-ups) and maximizes your profits (less labor cost) every time you use it! 

  • The 4 flow through pre-filter socks give you more pre-filter surface area for better air flow.
  • The vertical placement of the pre-filters and the gravity feed collection bin means the pre-filters face load at a much slower rate giving you longer lasting suction.
  • The cleanable pre-filter material will last from 2-4 years minimizing your pre-filter replacement cost.
  • The collection bin holds 2.5 cubic feet of dirt and is quickly emptied through the trap door on the bottom of the bin.

The Backpack Dirt Bucket on either the Super Collector E-Max of the Super Collector E2 vfd makes them Ultimate Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Collectors.  Both units provide excellent performance (suction) which the Backpack Dirt Bucket then maximizes.  

Work faster; spend less with the Backpack Dirt Bucket. For more information go to Super Collector E-Max or Super Collector E2 vfd product pages or contact Peter Haugen at Vac Systems International at 855-Vac-Systems, 952-808-1619 or info@vacsysint.com    

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