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New Duct Drill & Seal System!

Posted by Peter Haugen on Wed, Sep 09, 2015 @ 03:26 PM

DDS_System_-_tech_using Dirty_basket_shot Seal_shot

The new Duct Drill & Seal System lets you quickly drill a 1 3/8” access hole faster and with less mess for better cleaning productivity and then you are done cleaning seal it quickly and safely.  Bottom line, you’ll save time and meet all the safety requirements using the new Duct Drill & Seal System. 

The Duct Drill & Seal System includes a 1 3/8” hole saw, magnetic basket, and a roll of tough UL tape that gives you (500) 2” round tape disc to safely seal the hole.   The Duct Drill & Seal System gives you the following advantages:

  • The 1 3/8” hole is 27% larger than a 1” vari-bit hole so it is easier to insert and use your cleaning tools for better productivity.

  • The 1 3/8” hole saw cuts faster and creates less metal shavings compared to the vari-bit.  Plus 1 3/8” hole saw will last longer and less expensive than a vari-bit.

  • The magnetic basket captures and holds the metal shavings reducing clean up time.

  • The tough UL listed 2” round tape disc complies with NADCA’s Standard 4.2.11 in the ACR 2013 where 1” plastic cap plugs do not. 

  • The Duct Drill & Seal System is specifically designed for use used with a cordless impact drill, which has a lower cost than a cordless drill.  

The more access holes you drill the more benefits the Duct Drill & Seal System will give you!  

Download the Duct Drill & Seal System spec sheet (pdf)

Duct Drill  & Seal Video