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Ten Ways NADCA Membership Brings You Value

Posted by Kristy Cohen, NADCA Executive Director on Tue, Jul 18, 2017 @ 03:03 PM


As companies think about joining NADCA or are renewing their membership it's not uncommon to here - "What am I getting for my annual NADCA membership dues?"  Here are 10 things you do get with your NADCA membership:

1. Increased Market demand for Your Services:

Your NADCA membership dues support a full-time, dedicated marketing manager to promote the importance of specifying NADCA membership and certifications in bid specifications for commercial projects to engineers, architects and specifiers.  To date, we've reached over 3,000 specifiers, engineers and architects who now have the NADCA General Specification.  This means more business for NADCA members.

2. Competitive Advantage through International Recognized Certifications:

The increased specifications of NADCA membership and certification gives those with NADCA ASCS certification a competitive advantage over those without it.  NADCA members receive a deep discount on both the ASCS and CVI certification exams.

3. Increased Client Referrals:

Over 120,000 consumers visit the NADCA Find a Professional Directory each year and, with our new mobile responsive website and social media marketing, that number continues to grow.  Your membership gives you a company profile in the directory so consumers can find and hire your company.

4. Educating Consumers via Targeting Marketing:

We're all familiar with the air duct cleaning scams and the "blow-and-go" companies that tarnish our industries reputation.  NADCA's "Breathing Clean" campaign is designed to educate consumers on the importance of hiring a NADCA member and how to look out for signs of a scammer.  It also reinforces the age-old adage that you get what you pay for.  Your NADCA membership supports this landmark consumer education campaign and gives you access to Breathing Clean collateral, PSA's and social media marketing tips to show your company is part of this important initiative.  

5. Fighting Fraud in our Industry:

NADCA aggressively pursues trademark infringement and false claims of membership and certification to protect member's investment.  Your membership dues support these efforts, which have resulted in 97% of all reported infringement cases being successfully closed since 2014.                    

6. Discounted Access to Industry-Best Education & Training:

Your membership dues give you discounted access to all levels of training and education to help you and your technicians provide quality service in accordance with NADCA standards.  NADCA's Fall Tech Conference provides a unique hands-on learning experience for both entry-level and advanced technicians.  Plus, as a NADCA member your companies employees receive a significant registration discounts.

NADCA on-demand webinars and online training help you conveniently and affordably access practical information. From blueprint reading and estimating to cleaning internally lined ductwork, restoring coils and home/building performance contracting, there is so much to learn from our industry experts who share their experience and practical knowledge.

7.  Networking and Insights from Industry Peers:

NADCA members have direct access to unique networking opportunities and registration discounts for the NADCA Annual Conference.  If you've never attended, you're missing out on one of the best opportunities to gain valuable insights, tips and ideas from fellow members that are sure to help you grow your business.  Attendees tell us that the networking and camaraderie they developed at the meeting is priceless.

8. Affinity Program Discounts and Member Benefits:

NADCA membership entitles you to several member benefits and affinity program discounts and savings that include:

  • Equipment rental through Sunbelt rental
  • Computer equipment purchases through Dell
  • Credit card processing with Elavon
  • Mobile apps
  • Free subscriptions to DucTales Magazine and Air Conveyance E-Newsletter
  • Free marketing resource and use of the NADCA logo
  • Member mentor program

9. Opportunity to Shape and Lead the Industry:

Volunteer opportunities to serve on committees and task force groups allow you to weigh n, develop strategic programs and initiatives and participate in decision making that impacts our association, its members and the industry.  These opportunities are also an important stepping stone toward board leadership.  The NADCA Board of Directors comprises your fellow NADCA members ensuring that the strategic vision and direction of the association is in the best interest of the membership.  Take advantage of these opportunities to be an industry leader.  

10.  Using the NADCA Brand to Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

NADCA membership shows commitment to quality and sets your company apart from your competitors.  Your membership dues support NADCA's investment and commitment to promoting the importance of hiring a NADCA member company in both the commercial and residential and marketplace to give you the competitive advantage and increase your bottom line. Now thats value!


Contact Kristy Cohen at 855-Go-NADCA with any questions or go to, http://www.nadcs.com   


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