Introduction to coating & sealing HVAC systems!

Thinking about adding coating and/or sealing services to your air duct cleaning business?  Have questions and not sure where to start?  Our "Introduction to coating & sealing HVAC systems guide" is a good starting point.  It covers the following topics:

  • Benefits of coating HVAC systems.
  • When do you use coatings?
  • What are coatings?
  • Contractor concerns.
  • Application tools.
  • General cleaning procedures.
  • How to estimate a coating project.
  • Sealing HVAC systems
  • Coatings characteristics chart
  • Updated "coatings - airless sprayer - spray tips" reference charts.

Grow your business by adding coating & sealing services!  Start by downloading a free copy of "Introduction to coating & sealing HVAC system guide" today!.


February 12, 2018: “Thank you Peter!  You just saved my life with your very informative “Introduction to Coating HVAC Systems Guide.”  I was going to buy a much smaller airless sprayer.  If I had, I would have failed right in front of my customer.  Thank you again for your excellent advice.”

Jose Lima                                                                             Imiesa Aduanal S.A. de C.V .,