Dryer Vent Cleaning with Air

Dryer Vent Cleaning with Air

Dryer vents collect lint and dust over time.  This can hinder dryer performance and in some cases cause a fire safety hazard.

In most cases, Vac Systems recommends you consider hiring a professional to clean your dryer vents.  Pay attention to reviews and pick a reputable company

DIY Homeowners can use compressed air to clean your dryer vents.  See below for TOOL RECOMMENDATIONS


Check out this video from Jason of Jason’s Dryer Vent Cleaning about dryer vent cleaning 

Dryer Vent Cleaning with Air for DIY


This is our #1 recommended DIY tool for cleaning dryer vents with Air.  This fits to an air compressor hose and enables control while cleaning.  See below for notes about air compressors


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Recommended Air Compressor

Cleaning with Compressed air requires cleaning tools and an Air Compressor.  Here are some general recommendations for choosing an air compressor.


Contractor Grade Recommendation

  • Output – 17-20cfm
  • 175 PSI
  • 9-30 gallon tank
  • Gas powered engine

DIY Minimum Recommendation

  • 15-20 gallon tank
  • 120+ psi


Give us a call at 952-808-1619 or an email at info@vacsysint.com if you have any questions or need recommendations.