Super Dryer Vent Cleaning System


This set of cleaning tools lets you clean dryer vents from outside or inside.  It takes the air from your air compressor and delivers an effective cleaning force through the various nozzles and hoses. It includes:

  • 25' blue hose with reverse air sweep nozzle, 25' blue hose with reverse spinning air sweep nozzle and 25' white dryer vent snake.
  • Reverse spinning air sweep nozzle assembly, forward spinning air sweep nozzle assembly, reverse air sweep nozzle with coupler and reverse air sweep nozzle with coupler.
  • Spinning brush.
  • Thumb valve on/off control assembly and ball valve on/off control assembly.

Super Cable with Brush System


The drill driven Super Cable with nylon brush gives you very good cleaning action because the brush makes contact with more of the dryrt duct surface.  Operating the drill at a slow speed gives you gentle but effective cleaning.  

  • Super Cables are available in 15' or 25' lengths.
  • Nylon brush gives you gentle but effective cleaning
  • We recommend a 3/8" drive drill with a clutch

Super Air Compressors


The Super Air Compressors deliver all the air you need for maximizing you air washing and whipping productivity.  The G9 our most popular modle gives you 9hp, 175 psi, 20.1 cfm and a 20 gallon tank. Other sizes are also avaiable.

Forward On/Off Valve Skipper Line 


More Convieince = More Productivity

Imagine having an on/off control on the front end of your 25' skipper line instead of the other end.  In some applications this would be very beneficial.  Like when you are cleaning apartment or condo dryer vents from the roof or on the side of the building with a ladder.  You just open the valve that's right behind your air nozzle and insert your skipper line down the duct.  There is no reaching back to use the ball valve of trigger valve on the other end of the skipper line 25' away.  Talk about convenience! Where else might you use a cleaning tool like this?

HEPA Filtered Vacuums


Hepa filtered vacuums with dryer vent accessories let you contact vacuum surfaces you can reach and then provides negative pressure (suction) to help capture the dryer lint that is disloghed by your cleaning tools.  Several sizes are avaialble (5 gallon buket vac, 10 gallon dry vac, 10 gallon wet/dry vac, etc.)

 Lint Alert Dryer Safty Alarm


Every home that gets a dryer vent cleaning also needs a Lint Alert Dryer Safety Alarm.  Once shown, 70% of customers buy it.  This home safety device tells the homeowner when the dryer vents need to be cleaned and then you get a phone call for another cleaning job.  The Lint Alert is easy to sell and easy to instal.  It will add revenue to your dryer vent cleaning service.  Most contractors are selling an installed Lint Alert unit for $75 to $125.  Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Lint Alert Videos

Lint Alert Consumer Video