Lights --- action --- inspection --- sell !!!

Help sell your air duct cleaning services by showing your clients the before cleaning conditions of their HVAC system. After you have cleaned their air ducts show your client what a good job you did! This is a great way to get more referrals and grow your business!

Vac System International offers you two great inspection choices; the Super Inspector Manual  Inspection System (for residential and light commercial projects) or the Super Trac Robotic System (for commercial projects). Each system connects to your laptop computer and lets you see what the camera sees on the LCD monitor, lets you record the inspection with voice over and then lets you edit, add titles and burn a DVD.

Offering HVAC system inspection and documentation services are a great business opportunity for air duct cleaning contractors everywhere, especially as ASHRAE Standard 180 is accepted and adopted. ASHRAE 180 requires inspections as part of maintaining HVAC systems. Sell more, get more referrals and grow you business by offering inspection and documentation services!


Super-inspector-camera-on-cart  super-trac-vehicle
Super Inspector
Manual Inspection System
Super Trac Robotic Inspection & Cleaning System