• No other collector gives you dual 1.5 hp motors, dual 3,500 "free air" cfm fans (7,000 "free air" cfm total) and turbo-top design to create the suction you need to handle demanding commercial air duct cleaning projects.  Plus the E-Max comes with a “money back performance guarantee.”

  • In addition, E-Max replacement filters cost of approximately $144.00 per year saves you approximately $4,300 or more over 10 years compared to other units. No where else can you get operating cost this low! 

  • The new Backpack Dirt Bucket is the perfect for projects with a lot of dirt, like exhaust systems and large HVAC systems.  The four flow-through pre-filter socks give you more pre-filter surface area for better air flow.  The cleanable pre-filter material will last from 2-4 years minimizing pre-filter replacement cost.  The vertical placement of the pre-filters and the gravity feed collection bin means the pre-filter surface loads at a much slower rate giving you longer lasting suction so you can isolate and clean longer duct runs per hook-up!The collection bin holds up to 2.5 cubic feet of dirt and is easily emptied through the trap door on the bottom of the bin.   

  • 10" rear wheels, 4" front casters, compact size, 175 lbs. gives you excellent portability. 

  • The very competitive first cost plus the lowest possible operating cost means you get the best value and an Ultimate Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Collector!



  • Motor: (2) 1.5 hp motors

  • Electrical Requirements: (2) 15 amp, 110 volt circuit

  • Fan: (2) Backward inclined airfoil rated at 3,500 cfm (free air) each

  • Performance: (2) 1.5 hp motors and (2) 3,500 "free air" cfm fans deliver 7,000 "free air" cfm for excellent performance (suction).

  • Filtration: Cleanable pre-filter drawer, cleanable Backpack Dirt Bucket pre-filters (optional),  and high capacity HEPA filter (99.07% at 0.3 microns)

  • Size: 24” x 29” x 50” – 175 lbs.

  • Standard Package: Unit with 10” x 25’ flex hose, 10" quick clamp, 10” to 10” hose coupler, (2) 25’ power cords and an extra pre-filter drawer



September 11, 2017

“I love the power (suction) of the Super Collector E-Max that I just purchased!  This kind of power will help me cleaning better and be more productive.” 

Jeff Rye

Chem Master Carpet, Rugs, Air Ducts & Restoration 
Eau Claire, WI


June 1, 2016

“We purchased the Super Collector E-Max with the new Backpack Dirt Bucket right off the NADCA Convention show floor.  We have used the E-Max for 2.5 months now and my guys are very happy about the excellent suction and the fact that it's built like a tank, but they really love the longer lasting suction the Backpack Dirt Bucket provides! It saves so much time on large jobs, they can really tell the difference in their productivity.  It's a great unit for commercial air duct cleaning."

Sharon Altenhoff

Air Quality Specialists, Inc. 
Glendale, AZ


February 10, 2010

“We purchased the new Super Collector E-Max for a large commercial project. After several months of use, we couldn’t be happier. We really appreciate the excellent performance (suction) and how easy the dirt bin is to clean. If you are looking for a portable that delivers on price and performance - the E-Max is the obvious choice!”

Ken Hitter

Mr. Power Clean, Inc.,
Appleton, WI

June 1, 2010

"We purchased the new Super Collector E-Max for our commercial projects about two months ago. We really like the performance (suction) and the cleanable pre-filter, but now I have a problem! My technicians don't want to use anything else and they fight over who gets to use the E-Max. We are very happy with the E-Max and the support from Vac Systems."

Christian Lachance

Derko Ltee
Qubec City, QC Canada