• No other collector gives you the muscle of a 2 hp motor, 5,000 “fee air “ fan, turbo-top design and the variable speed drive to create the suction you need too handle demanding commercial air duct cleaning projects.

  • Variable speed operation gives you maximum flexibility.  The E2 vfd can be made for 110v/60Hz, 220v/60Hz or 220v/50Hz operation so I can operate virtually anywhere around the world!

  • In addition, E2 vfd replacement filters cost of approximately $144.00 per year saves you approximately $4,500 or more over 10 years compared to other units. No where else can you get operating cost this low! 

  • The new Backpack Dirt Bucket is perfect for projects with a lot of dirt, like exhaust systems and large HVAC systems.  The four flow-through pre-filter socks give you more pre-filter surface area for better air flow.  The cleanable pre-filter material will last 2-4 years minimizing filter replacement cost.  The vertical placement of the pre-filters and the gravity feed collection bin means the pre-filter surface face loads at a much slower rate giving you longer lasting suction so you can isolate and clean longer duct runs per hook-up.  The collection bin holds up to 2.5 cubic feet of material and is easily emptied through the trap door on the bottom of the bin.

  • 10" rear wheels, 4" front caster, compact size, 175 lbs gives you excellent portability.  Plus, the 50' power cord gives you the reach to position the unit where you need it on the job site.
  • The very competitive first cost plus the lowest possible operating cost plus longer lasting suction means you get the best value and the ultimate commercial air duct cleaning collector!


  • Motor: 2 hp with vfd

  • Electrical Requirements:60Hz, 15amp, 110volt circuit or 60Hz, 30amp, 220volt circuit or 50Hz, 30amp, 220volt circuit.

  • Fan: Backward inclined airfoil rated at 5,000 cfm (free air)

  • Filtration: Cleanable pre-filter drawer, cleanable Backpack Dirt Bucket pre-filters (optional), and high capacity HEPA filter (99.07% at 0.3 microns).

  • Size: 24” x 29” x 50” – 175lbs. -  61cm x 74cm x 127cm - 79.4kg

  • Standard Package: Unit with 10” x 25’ flex hose, 10" quick clamp, 10” to 10” hose coupler, extra pre-filter drawer and 50’ power cord.


June 19, 2012

“We are enjoying the great benefits and savings of the Super Collector E2 vfd unit.  The E2 has enabled us to qualify as an Air Duct Cleaning Contractor at the Bahrain Interior Ministry – Works Directorate & the Bahrain Defense Force Hospital, who have adopted the American standard (NADCA) for air duct cleaning.  Mr. Peter Haugen’s professionalism is absolutely commendable and we would recommend Vac Systems International to anyone looking for air duct cleaning equipment. 

Prior to starting our air duct cleaning division in 2011, we were looking for the right equipment through the European & American markets. We liked the equipment marketed by Vac Systems International, for the compact size and the low cost of filter replacement. After completing a return on investment study we determined that the Super Collector E2 vfd was the best unit for us.  Today we are the envy of the “cowboy” contractors in Bahrain with their outdated bulky equipment.  We plan to buy another unit for our Saudi operations, in the near future.”

Savio Almeilda

Shaheen Electromechanical SPC
Manama, Bahrain         

March 8, 2004

“I have known the people at Vac Systems Imternational for years. I purchased several of their very first Super Collector 3000 vfd units when they first came out 10 years ago and we are still using many of those machines. These are quality units that we have used almost every day for ten years in various types of commercial projects. I really like the cleanable pre-filter feature; it has saved us a lot of money and man-hours when compared to the replacement filter cost of other portable vacuum collection systems we have attempted to use. Recently, I purchased two new Super Collector 3000 vfd units and I like these are even better than the old ones. They are an important part of our operation and I highly recommend them.”

Michael Lorion

Airmax Service Corp.
Miami, FL