• The set of four brushes include two nylon brushes and two silica carbide brushes give you great power brushing capability. The silica carbide is for aggressive cleaning on hard surfaces while the softer nylon brushes can clean most any surface.

  • The reversible air motor and variable speed control lets you effectively clean corners and delicate surfaces like duct board and duct liner.

  • The unique guide system lets you center the brush in the ductwork from 3” to 11” off the bottom in 1” increments to maximize your productivity and cleaning quality.

  • The forward and reverse air washing tools attach quickly and easily so you can brush and air wash with one system.

  • Big Brush Kit (optional) lets you clean ductwork from 20" to 30" high.

  • Newly expanded Whip Kit (optional)gives you new dual whip assembly and set of whip head to give you even more productivity.

  • Add a Super Inspector (optional) to view and record your cleaning activities. 


  • Nylon Brushes: 12" and 24" sizes

  • Silica Carbide Brushes: 12" and 24" sizes

  • Reversible air motor consumes up to 7 cfm of air

  • Guide System with 3 sets of guide legs

  • (4) 60" extension rods and (1) 36" extension rod = 23' of reach

  • (1) Forward air nozzle

  • (1) reverse air nozzle

  • On/off controller with pressure regulator

  • Rugged case


July 7, 2004

“The Super RBS rotary brush system is one of the best cleaning tools on the market. We have purchased six RBS systems between 1999 and 2002 and we use these on most every commercial cleaning project.Our techni-cians prefer the RBS over any other brush systems we have tried. After 4 to 5 years of heavy use we recently have returned the air tools to Vac Systems International for a tune up. They clean them up, replace any worn out o-rings and other parts and get them back to us the next day. This fast service is great. We recommend the Super RBS system and the compa-ny that stands behind them”

Dana Sawrey

MAVO Systems, Inc.
Fridley, MN
763-788-7713         763-788-7713