• Choose a single camera vehicle package (best for inspection and documentation only projects) or a dual camera vehicle package (best for inspecting and cleaning projects).

  • New high quality color camera, 19" color LCD monitor, new bright light lamps, microphone, and new mini DVR recorder (on SD card) gives you excellent viewing and recording capability.

  • Air washing/whipping package includes air broom, new dual air whip assembly, set of air whips plus forward and reveres nozzles.

  • Power brushing package lets you clean ductwork from 6” to 22” high.

  • Spraying package lets you apply coatings and sanitizers in ductwork up to 36" quickly and easily.

  • Manual Inspection package gives you even more inspection capabilities while using the control box and monitor of the robotic system.


  • Vehicle with camera/lights in front only or front and back
  • 19" color LCD monitor
  • Joystick controller
  • 100’ cable
  • New mini DVR recorder with SD card to flash drive converter
  • Air washing/whipping package
  • Power brushing package
  • Spraying package
  • Manual inspection package
  • Operates on 110v and 220v circuits
  • Rugged, hard sided Pelican case