The new Tough Coat All Purpose HVAC System Coating is tough latex designed to coat the different surfaces found in HVAC systems (sheet metal, fiberglass insulation, and ductboard etc.)  After thoroughly cleaning the HVAC surface, the coating provides a new or enhanced surface that is much more durable and more resistant to the collection of dirt, debris and moisture.  On insulation it locks down any remaining fibers and effectively controls fiberglass erosion.

The new Tough Coat All Purpose HVAC Coating features: 

  • EPA registered preservative to protect the coating
  • Flexible, durable and water resistant surface
  • LEED qualified
  • Easy to apply with airless sprayer, cart spray systems, robotic spray systems, brush and roller
  • No stirring or straining required
  • Very low voc's
  • Non flammable
  • Priced so Contractors can win more projects and be more profitable 

Applying the new Tough Coat is easy!  On flat surfaces a brush or roller or an airless sprayer works well.  In ductwork an airless sprayer coupler with a Super Cart Spray System or a Super Trac Robotic Spray System will maximize your coating productivity.  

Coating is normally needed when internal fiberglass insulation is damaged or deteriorated due to air erosion and when the HVAC system has been contaminated by smoke or microbial contamination.  Coating HVAC systems (after cleaning) can enhance and extend their life and represents a significant savings for the building owner when compared to replacing ductwork and other components. For the contractor, coating HVAC systems is a way to better serve existing customers, a way to bring in new customers, and a way to set yourself apart from your competition.

Other available coatings include:

  • Safe Encasement Specialty Coating,  an excellent coating for challenging applications like underground or in slab ductwork.
  • Design Polymetrics family of coatings that give you all the coating benefits at a lower cost so you can maximize your profits. 

IMCOA Closed cell insulation is a great option for relining air handlers and other HVAC components once the existing insulation has deteriorated. It gives you a much more durable and cleanable surface your customers will appreciate.

Download the spec sheet or MSDS (in PDF format) on the following products:

Coatings Spec Sheet MSDS
Tough Coat All Purpose HVAC Coating Tough Coat Spec Sheet TC, MSDS
Safe Encasement 130 Top Coat SE, Spec Sheet SE 130, MSDS
Safe Encasement 110 Primer SE, Spec Sheet SE 110, MSDS
Design Polymeric 2540 DP 2540/2545, Spec Sheet DP 2540, MSDS
Design Polymeric 2545 DP 2540/2545, Spec Sheet DP 2545, MSDS
Design Polymeric 2510 DP 2510/2515, Spec Sheet DP 2510, MSDS
Design Polymeric 2515 DP 2510/2515, Spec Sheet DP 2515, MSDS
Design Polymeric 88 Duct Butter DP 88, Spec Sheet DP 88, MSDS


Closed Cell Insulation

IMCOA IMCOA, Spec Sheet n/a