Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Residential Air Duct Cleaning is a great revenue opportunity as a stand-alone business or add-on to other cleaning services like carpet cleaning.  Residential air duct cleaning principles apply to single family homes and low-rise apartments.

Check out these tools to help you offer effective air duct cleaning to your customers.

Vacuum Collectors

Vacuum collectors are the focus for removing dirt and debris from residential HVAC systems. Vac Systems recommends placing the HVAC system under vacuum and centrally collecting dirt and debris near the furnace. Electric or gas vacuum collectors can provide extensive vacuum to the system and can do a great job of cleaning.

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Cleaning tools

There are several ways to ensure the dirt and debris are thoroughly dislodged and pushed towards collection.  Typical options for cleaning would be cable driven brushing, air whips or air washing.  Air wash or sweep dirt and debris towards the vacuum collector.


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Air Compressors

Air whipping and air wash require a professional grade air compressor to dislodge dirt and debris and assist in moving it towards the vacuum collector.  Air duct cleaning requires a high powered compressor with typically more than 18-20 cfm and 175 psi pressure.

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Duct Access

Vacuum collection, brushing or air whipping will require access to the supply ducts and trunk lines.  You may also need to isolate zones to maximize vacuum performance.  Typical tools include hole cutters, zoning mask, access covers and plugs.

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Disinfectant and Odor elimination

An added service to residential duct cleaning would be to disinfect and eliminate odors.  Typical methods would be to use a ULV (Ultra low volume) fogger to infuse disinfectant or odor reducer into the HVAC system.

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