Super combo brush systems

Clean Better, Clean Faster!  Be proud of the work you do with Super Combo Brush Systems!

super-cable-brush-in-duct  solid-core-brush-in-duct  super-cable-brush-in-return-duct

Clean all types of residential and smaller commercial ductwork better and faster with the Super Combo brush systems. The flexible cable lets you clean ductwork with turns and drops. The stiffer solid core cable is great for cleaning main trunk lines because it gives you better control of the brush head. The three nylon brushes (8″, 12″ & 18″) cleans sheet metal, flex duct, duct board and other surfaces. The three silica carbide brushes (8″, 12″ & 18″) are designed for aggressive cleaning on sheet metal and other hard surfaces. Power brushing with the Super Combo brush system will help you maximize your productivity and cleaning quality! It’s a great air duct cleaning tool for contractors everywhere.

super-cable-drill-end  Super-Cable-System

We are proud to introduce our new 15″ and 25′ Super Cable II.  The new Super Cable II incorporates a bearing in the drill end of the cable which greatly reduces the internal friction/resistance.  This means minimal (if any) kinking/twisting and most importantly, longer cable life!.  This means the Super Cable II give you the best possible value of any flexible cable system.  Its included in our Super Cable Brushing Systems and our Super Combo Brushing Systems.


  • The new longer lasting Super Cable II (flexible cable with bearing) is great for negotiating ductwork with turns and drops.
  • The solid core cable is stiffer and gives you better control needed to clean residential main trunk lines and smaller commercial ducts.
  • The set of six brushes include three nylon brushes and three silica carbide brushes. The silica carbide is for aggressive cleaning on hard surfaces while the softer nylon brushes can clean most any surface.
  • Pick one of our standard packages or custom design the package to fit your exact needs.


  • Flexible Cable: Available in 15’ or 25 ’ lengths
  • Solid Core Cable: Available in 20’ or 33’ lengths
  • Nylon Brushes: 8”, 12” and 18” sizes
  • Silica Carbide Brushes: 8”, 12” and 18” sizes


December 15, 2016: “The Super Cable is a great cleaning tool that delivers great results. I’m impressed with its effectiveness and I’m proud of the work I do using the Super Cable.  The incorporation of the bearing has been a great upgrade for durability/cable life.  I’m going on 2.5 years now with the Super Cable I bought in July of 2014.  I enjoy working with and trust the experts at Vac Systems International.”
  Jeff Remick
  Jeff’s Heating Service
  Elmira, NY

June 6, 2014: “I am very happy with the Super Combo Brush System you sent me last month.  I am very impressed by how effectively it works.  This will help improve our productivity and cleaning quality!”

Daniel Dipacce
Keysborough, VIC Australia