Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Testimonials

February 13, 2018

“Thank you Peter!  You just saved my life with your very informative “Introduction to Coating HVAC Systems Guide.”  I was going to buy a much smaller airless sprayer.  If I had, I would have failed right in front of my customer.  Thank you again for your excellent advice.”

Jose Lima — Imiesa Aduanal S.A. de C.V., Joselima2001@hotmail.com


October 2, 2017
“Our first commercial project was intimidating and we had questions on how to get this job done. I called Peter Haugen at Vac Systems International.  Peter took the time to walk us through the various aspects of our project and helped us to overcome the challenges we faced!  He was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable.  Needless to say, without Peters help we would not have been able to finish the project.  We are forever grateful.”

Eni Bide-Hassison
Air Care Systems, Calgary, AB, Canada, Tel:403-607-9223, Email: info@aircaresystems.ca


September 11, 2017
“I love the power (suction) of the Super Collector E-Max that I just purchased!  This kind of power will help me clean better and be more productive.”

Jeff Ryey
Chem Master Carpet, Rugs, Air Ducts & Restoration, Eau Claire, WI, Tel:715-832-7738, Email: jeff@ChemMasterCarpetCleaning.com


May 31, 2017
“The educational guides available on your website are highly valuable.  The content has been very helpful to me as a startup company.   Because I value these educational guides, I’m taking a close look at your equipment and products.”

Kyle Kozlansky
DuctRx, Moscow, PA, Tel: 570-878-7806, Email: kylekozlansky@gmail.com


December 15, 2016
“The Super Cable is a great cleaning tool that delivers great results. I’m impressed with its effectiveness and I’m proud of the work I do using the Super Cable.  The incorporation of the bearing has been a great upgrade for durability/cable life.  I’m going on 2.5 years now with the Super Cable I bought in July of 2014.  I enjoy working with and trust the experts at Vac Systems International.”

Jeff Remick
Jeff’s Heating Service, Elmira, NY, Tel: 607-733-2278


June 1, 2016
“ We purchased the Super Collector E-Max with the new Backpack Dirt Bucket right off the NADCA Convention show floor.  We have used the E-Max for 2.5 months now and my guys are very happy about the excellent suction and the fact that it’s built like a tank, but they really love the longer lasting suction the Backpack Dirt Bucket provides!  It saves so much time on large jobs, they can really tell the difference in their productivity.  It’s a great unit for commercial air duct cleaning!”

Sharon Altenhoff
Air Quality Specialists, Inc, Glendale, AZ, Tel: 623-930-9391, Email: achooo5@msn.com


February 23, 2015

“Buying the Super Collector E1.5 vacuum collection system last August was one of the best purchases I have ever made!  It has helped us to drastically improve our air duct cleaning productivity and sales.  Our customers are really impressed when we show them the E1.5.  The increased sales has enable us to add another truck/crew with a 2nd Super Collector E1.5 in October and now in February another truck/crew with a 3rd Super Collector E1.5.   In addition, their customer service and ongoing support is just great!

Rick Rasmussen
Rasmussen Cleaning Service, Fridley, MN, 612-369-9229


June 6, 2014
“I am very happy with the Super Combo Brush System you sent me last month.  I am very impressed at how effectively it works.  This will help improve our productivity and cleaning quality!”

Daniel Dipacce
OImpresst, Keysborough, VIC, Australia, email: dipaccedaniel@gmail.com


February 19, 2014
“I have been in the HVAC industry for 17 years and most of my experiences has been on the residential side.  As a new business owner I just want to personally thank you for the Blueprint for Success on “Going from residential to commercial air duct cleaning guide” and the “Introduction to estimating commercial air duct cleaning projects guide.”  These Blueprint for Success Guides are extremely informative.  I would recommend any company trying to make the transition from residential to commercial duct cleaning read these documents.  I can’t say thank you enough for all your help.  It is great to have a NADCA member extend their knowledge to another NADCA member.”

Anthony Lenard
T.I.E.S 360 LLC, Sarasota, FL, 941-870-3302


July 23, 2012
“We purchased our first unit, the Super Collector 3000 from Pete Haugen 10 years ago.  Through some changes in our business we sold the equipment and subcontracted out our duct cleaning work.  When we wised up and decided to do this work again in house there was no question who we would look to for equipment.  We purchased the new Super Collector E1.5 system from Pete Haugen.  Our technicians really like the one-person portability and the unit is extremely effective in meeting our customers’ expectations, which are quite high.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Super Collector E1.5 or purchase another one as our needs grow.”.

Russell P. deFuria
O’Brien Heating & A/C, Drexel Hill, PA, 610-626-2540


June 19, 2012
“We are enjoying the great benefits and savings of the Super Collector E2 vfd unit.  The E2 has enabled us to qualify as an Air Duct Cleaning Contractor at the Bahrain Interior Ministry – Works Directorate & the Bahrain Defense Force Hospital, who have adopted the American standard (NADCA) for air duct cleaning.  Mr. Peter Haugen’s professionalism is absolutely commendable and we would recommend Vac Systems International to anyone looking for air duct cleaning equipment.

Prior to starting our air duct cleaning division in 2011, we were looking for the right equipment through the European & American markets. We liked the equipment marketed by Vac Systems International, for the compact size and the low cost of filter replacement. After completing a return on investment study we determined that the Super Collector E2 vfd was the best unit for us.  Today we are the envy of the “cowboy” contractors in Bahrain with their outdated bulky equipment.  We plan to buy another unit for our Saudi operations, in the near future.”

Savio Almeida
Shaheen Electromechanical SPB, Manama, Bahrain, salmeida@shaheengroup.com


February 9, 2012
“Were very happy with the equipment from Vac Systems International.  The Super Collector E1.5 is “one-person” portable which my techs love and it does a great job.  We added air duct cleaning services two years ago and it’s been a good business decision for us.”

Dan Horn
Rainbow Intl of Sangamon & Mernard Counties, Greenview, IL, 217-968-9090


August 1, 2011
“We have had a relationship with Peter Haugen and Vac Systems International for many years.  Peter has always been the ultimate professional and a pleasure to work with.  In the last year we have purchased two Super Collector E1.5  HEPA filtered vacuum collection systems for residential HVAC system cleaning.  The light weight (and economical) machine has been very well received by my men who are not shy about criticizing new products I present to them.  I do not hesitate to recommend this product.”

Ralph Fico
Duct Diagnostics, Derby, CT, 203-734-1532


August 28, 2010
“Our company was seeking a small, powerful and resonably priced vacuum for our residential and commercial projects. After seeing your product at the NADCA convention, we decided to purchase the Super Collector E1.5. The compact size of the unit allows us to negotiate into very tight spots in residences in the city. The power of the vacuum is very strong for such a compact unit and we do use it on a lot of our small commercial applications. We have a quick turnaround between projects for the unit and find that it is one of the easiest systems to clean as well. I would highly recommend the Super Collector E1.5 for it’s performance. There are no “bells and whistles,” just a great vacuum.”

Mark J. Zarzeczny
Schoen Duct Cleaning, Beverly, NJ, 609-835-9500


June 1, 2010
“We purchased the new Super Collector E-Max for our commercial projects about two months ago. We really like the performance (suction) and the cleanable pre-filter, but now I have a problem! My technicians don’t want to use anything else and they fight over who gets to use the E-Max. We are very happy with the E-Max and the support from Vac Systems.”

Christian Lachance
Derko Ltee, Qubec City, QC Canada, 418-656-6731

April 14, 2010
“Vac Systems International is our preferred supplier of air duct cleaning equipment and tools! Over the last 12 years they have continually provided us with the highest quality equipment – equipment that delivers productivity and cleaning quality day after day. Plus, they are easy to work with, deliver excellent customer service and are willing to go that extra mile to help us solve a problem. I highly recommend them!”

Dean Klopp
President, Proac Corperation Bethel, PA, 717-933-9475

February 10, 2010
“We purchased the new Super Collector E-Max for a large commercial project. After several months of use, we couldn’t be happier. We really appreciate the excellent performance (suction) and how easy the dirt bin is to clean. If you are looking for a portable that delivers on price and performance – the E-Max is the obvious choice!”

Ken Hitter
President, Mr. Power Clean, Inc., Appleton, WI, 920-733-0905

January, 2010
“Just a quick note to say ThankYou for all your help and for expediting our order quickly and efficiently. In addition, we would like to offer up more praise on how well the Super Spray Ball worked. The project, we purchased it for, was very important and extremely delicate. Our client is a very prestigious executive in New York City and we were working on his private residence. The Super Ball System worked beautifully and accurately – even better than expected. We will use it on all our spray-painting projects in the future. So once again Thank You and Vac Systems International. We look forward to doing more business with you.”

Steven J. Frank
Guardian Power Cleaning, Inc., Farmingdale, NJ – 800-300-3828

January 8, 2008
“We purchased our first Super Collector E1.5 collector in the fall of 2007. We have used it on a wide variety of marine, industrial and light commercial projects. It has very good suction, its very portable and the cleanable pre-filter is a real labor savor. We liked it so much we just bought a second unit!”

David Holms & Ken Sedlack 
R. Carter & Associates, Inc., Mobile , AL • P: 251-452-0154

August 14, 2007
“The Super Collector E1.5 is a real winner! I did a lot of research before buying a portable HEPA vacuum system and the E 1.5 was the best choice. I have used a lot of other units in the past and the E1.5 has better performance (cfm) and much lower filter replacement cost. I really like the washable pre filter as we do a lot of fires and mold remediation HVAC cleaning. After using the E 1.5 on many residential and small commercial projects we know we made the right choice!”

Robert Rizen
RCS Cleaning & Restoration, St Louis, MO • P: 314-729-9945

February 22, 2005 
“ We purchased our Super Collector 3000 vfd from Vac Systems International in July of 1999. We have used this machine day after day for over 5 years on all of our duct cleaning projects. The performance and suction of this unit is fantastic! It allows us to isolate a lot of ductwork at one time. It holds a lot of dirt and debris so our down time to clean out is minimal. Plus the pre-filters are cleanable so there is no pre-filter replacement cost. The support and customer service provided by Vac Systems International has been excellent. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to purchase the Super Collector 3000 vfd in 1999.”

Bogi Jonsson (Project Leader – Ventilation Service)
ISS Island ehf Reykjavik, Iceland • P: 354-5-800-600

September 9, 2004 
“ We purchased our Super Trac III robotic system in January 2003. It has proven to be a very effective selling and cleaning tool. We first show our customers the existing conditions of the ductwork prior to cleaning and then our customers are always very pleased to see the “heart” of our procedure and verify for themselves the efficiency of our work.

Our productivity is also very good since the Super Trac III lets us watch the cleaning process and guide the tools to the right spot.

We work mainly in the maritime sector, especially on big luxury yachts and passenger ships. This is very demanding field in terms of quality and time. The Super Trac III helps us on both terms. We use the Super Trac III on most of our projects and it has proven to be very durable.

The customer service and support from Peter Haugen and Vac Systems has been excellent. We surely recommend this equipment to anyone interested in ductwork cleaning”

Constantine Sideris (President)
Sideris Engineering Ltd. Athens, • P: Greece, 30-210-5325404, • F: 30-210-5322544

July 7, 2004
“The Super RBS rotary brush system is one of the best cleaning tools on the market. We have purchased six RBS systems between 1999 and 2002 and we use these on most every commercial cleaning project.Our techni-cians prefer the RBS over any other brush systems we have tried. After 4 to 5 years of heavy use we recently have returned the air tools to Vac Systems International for a tune up. They clean them up, replace any worn out o-rings and other parts and get them back to us the next day. This fast service is great. We recommend the Super RBS system and the compa-ny that stands behind them”

Dana Sawrey (CEO)
MAVO Systems, Inc. Fridley, MN • P:763-788-7713

March 8, 2004
“ I have known the people at Vac System Industries for years. I purchased several of their very first Super Collector 3000 vfd units when they first came out 10 years ago and we are still using many of those machines. These are quality units that we have used almost every day for ten years in various types of commercial projects. I really like the cleanable pre-filter feature; it has saved us a lot of money and man-hours when compared to the replacement filter cost of other portable vacuum collection systems we have attempted to use. Recently, I purchased two new Super Collector 3000 vfd units and I like these are even better than the old ones. They are an important part of our operation and I highly recommend them.”

Michael Lorion (President)
Airmax Service Corp. Miami, FL • P: 305-665-3238

January 7, 2004
“ We purchased our first piece of duct cleaning equipment, an RBS-1500 brush system from Vac Systems in early 1999. Since then we have added another RBS-1500 brush system, several Super Collector 3000 vfd, several Super Collector 6000, a Super Cart spray system and a Super Inspector III. Our crews use this equipment every day and it has held up very well. The RBS is a great cleaning tool and the Super Collectors are the best portables made. They offer tremendous suction and the hold a ton of dirt.

Dealing with Vac Systems has always been easy. The people there are very knowledgeable and have always been there when we have asked for help or advice. They are a good company with good products

Charlie Wilcox (President)
Diversified Contracting Ramsey, MN • P: (763) 712-8087

December 12, 2003
“ We have been involved in several businesses over the years and have found out the hard way that the most important aspect for us when purchasing hardware that must be used day in and day out has always come down to three things: training, reliability and technical support.

I researched several systems before we bought from Vac Systems and spoke with several of their customers. All were happy with their purchase. I couldn’t get anyone to say anything bad about the Super Collector 3000 vfd or the guys at Vac Systems. We purchased a complete equipment package including the Super Collector 3000 vfd vacuum collection system in the spring of 2003 and couldn’t be happier with the system and Vac System Industries. We’ve never had any type of mechanical failure on the job.

I was very impressed with Doug Groshong, our trainer from Vac Systems. He was very unassuming and a great teacher. He not only knew a great deal about their systems but also obviously has been in the duct cleaning business for sometime. If I had a major problem on a big project, this is the guy I would want on the site with me.

I’ve never been able to stump Pete Haugen on any question I’ve asked him. He has always taken the time to explain everything every time I’ve called, no matter how silly the question. He has great knowledge of not just his products but of duct cleaning in general and NADCA protocols.

All in all I would rate our buying experience and satisfaction as above average. I think these people have the best collector on the market and a solid group of people to back it up

Hugh Green (President)
Indoor Air Technologies, Arden, NC • P: 828-684-6767