See these Great Deals on Used Air Duct Cleaning Equipment!

See these Great Deals on Used Air Duct Cleaning Equipment!

Thank you for visiting our air duct cleaning equipment buy/sell center where air duct cleaning contractors can look for used air duct cleaning equipment and products. Last year over 3,500 people visited this page. Listed below are items you may be interested in. Please contact us with any other questions or needs you may have.

Items to Sell: 

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I’m Retiring… You Can Save Big! (9-20-18)

  • Abatement H2500IV IntelliVac with hoses – $3,900.00
  • Ingersall Rand 14 hp gas compressor with 30 gallon tank and low hours – $1,900.00
  • 2008 Ford Van – $3,000.00
  • Brushes, Whips, Patches and more – $1,000.00

Contact Jeff Pierret at 952-484-6500 or  for full details and answers to with any questions.



Used E-Max 3, 5-29-18 Used E-Max 1, 5-29-18

Slightly Used Super Collector E-Max for Sale! (8-3-18)

  • (2) 1.5 hp motors and (2) 3,500 CFM (free air) fans for excellent suction
  • Cleanable pre-filter drawer and longer lasting high capacity HEAP filter for lowest operating and owning cost
  • 10″ rear wheels, 4″ front casters, built in dolly with stair slider for excellent portability
  • Includes 10″ x 25′ flex hose, 10″ clamp, 10″ to 10″ coupler, extra pre-filter drawer, and (2) 25′ twist lock power cords.
  • New – $4,995.00 asking $4,200.00

Contact Peter Haugen at 855-Vac-Systems or for full details and answers to with any questions.




Nikro Tri-Motor HEPA Vacuum For Sale! (8-3-18)

  • Powerful 345 CFM – 110” water lift
  • 97% @0.3 micron HEPA filter
  • 55 gallon capacity
  • 5 stage filtration system
  • Built in dolly
  • Includes 50’ of 1.5” hose

Asking $900.00 of best offer.  Contact Robert Lindgren at 405-999-3064 or with any questions.




Nikro PDC2400 Uptight Vacuum Collector For Sale! (5-13-18)

  • Used less than 10 times, excellent condition
  • Includes: unit, (1) 12”x 25’ flex hose, (2) 12” quick clamps, and (1) 12” duct mounting flange
  • Features: 2,500 cfm (free air) fan,  1.5 hp motor, durable polyethylene cabinet, three stage filtration
  • Asking $2,350.00

Contact Glen Bryman, Duct Doctor, Nashville, TN at 770-635-5710,  for details.



Rotobrush For Sale (3-7-18)

  • Good condition, 6 years old.
  • Does not include hose and brush
  • Asking $2,900.00.

Contact: Dawn Mixon, Washington DC, 202-269-9345, for complete details.


 DSCN4808.jpg  DSCN4809.jpg  DSCN4810.jpg  DSCN4812.jpg

Super Inspector III For Sale (7-3-17)

Show before and after cleaning conditions to enhance customer satisfaction, record your inspection and get more referrals! System includes:

  • Color monitor with built in VCR recorder.
  • Color camera with lights (3 bulbs included) and 50’ cable.
  • Built in microphone for narration.
  • Rugged metal case, padded on the inside, with wheels and a pull handle for easy transport.
  • Tested – everything works.
  • Has been stored in the basement, has slight musty smell.
  • Asking $850.00.

Contact: Michelle Burgstaler, The Last Hoorah, Ironton, MN 218-251-1861, for complete details.



king motor 2.jpg king label.jpg

Rarely used Wm W Meyers Klean King Hi Range Truck Mounted Vacuum that delivers a whopping 40”  W.C. static pressure is for sale! (4-19-17)  

Features include:

  • Powerful 65 hp Wisconsin engine.
  • Dynamically balanced 39” fan wheel.
  • 54 cubic feet collection hopper.
  • $19,000 when new, asking $10,000 or best offer.

Contact Bill Cash at 801-484-4131 for full details.




Beneg (1).jpg  Beneg (2).jpg  Beneg (4).jpg

Gently Used Air Duct Cleaning Package For Sale! (2-21-17)

  • Beneg (Atlantic Engineering) vacuum collection system (27 hours, single fan)
  • Viper whip system
  • Zone bags, patches and more!
  • Asking $6,900.00

Contact, Eli Flores, Vern’s Plumbing, Heating & A/C at 559-228-8376 for details.




Duct7.jpg   Duct3.jpg

Duct10.jpg   Duct9.jpg

Duct and Furnace System For Sale! (1-25-17)

  • Abatement Technology: HEPA-Aire H4500IV
  • Rotobrush/Atlantic Engineering: Ultralite I/II
  • Tecn Vap: CHATTADA Plus HEPA vacuum
  • Sun Art: TSTG40VI HEPA Vacuum
  • CoilPro Coil Cleaner
  • Asking $8,500.00

Contact, George Spottswood, Quality Filters, Robertsdale, AL, at 215-504-1185, for details.




Practically New Air Care DuctMaster Package for Sale! (10-25-16)

DuctMaster Package purchase in January 2016.  Some items used up to 6 times, some items are brand new:

  • DuctMaster system (used 6x)
  • All tubes and brushes for different types of ducts (only one type used 6x, rest brand new)
  • Single fogger (brand new)
  • Dual fogger (brand new)
  • Cleaning solutions (brand new)
  • Camera system with monitor for duct inspections (used 6x)
  • Dryer vent cleaning package (used 1x)
  • All marketing/training materials

Asking $4,300.00 or best offer. Contact, Andy at 201-478-2143 for questions and details.


Only Used Twice! (9-28-16) 


Nikro EC5000 dual motor vacuum collection system with hose, Abatement dryer vent cleaning system, and foldable ramp for sale.  $4,900 new.  Asking $3,000 or best offer!

Contact Tony at 312-265-0728 for details.



Abatement Technology Equipment for Sale! (7-29-16)

20160714_152454.jpg  20160714_152053.jpg

Equipment is four years old and in good condition.  Items include:

  • 2500IV Intellivac with flex hose and accessories
  • 9 hp gas compressor
  • ULV fogger

Asking $4,400.00. For full details call (410) 504-2450


Retirement calls – equipment has to go! (6-1-16)

  • 20 gallon wet/dry vac and accessories
  • 20 hp gas portable vacuum collector w/separator cabinet
  • Rol Air gas compressor, 200 psi
  • 11 different air washing/whipping tools
  • 6” to 36” nylons brushes
  • 2000 cfm two speed air scrubber
  • Zipwall 4Pack Plus,  ZipPole Convenience Pack
  • Malco hole cutters/bits and cap plugs
  • High volume air sampling pump w/stand
  • Duct scope
  • Moisture meter
  • More!

Retails for $11,514.50 asking $7,000 or best offer.  Photos available upon request.  For full details contact Rodger at  (336) 934-2848 or (336) 934-2846 or email.


Complete Abatement H2500IV Equipment Package For Sale! (3-15-16)


Originally purchased in in September, 2014 for $15,983.  Equipment in mint condition and includes:

  • H2500IV Intellivac Vacuum Collection System, quilted cover
  • 9hp Honda Gas Air Compressor, hose reel with 150’ airline
  • Duct Pro C5000 Power Rod System
  • K-3 4000 Dryer Vent Cleaning System
  • Video Inspection System
  • Fogger
  • Malco hole cutter, 1” vari-bit, 1” cap plugs grill mask, zone bags

Asking $11,500 or best offer.  Call Mike Joannides at 609-548-8898 for full details.


Used Super Collector 3000 vfd For Sale! (2/12/16)


In excellent condition, only 29 hours on hour meter!  Three piece design.  Features include: radial blade fan, 2 hp motor, variable frequency drive, 50′ power cord (110v), 50′ power cord (220v), 10″ x 25′ flex hose,  duct attachment collar, cleanable pre-filter socks, and high capacity HEPA filter. Great for all types of commercial projects.  Asking $4,500.00 or best reasonable offer.

Contact: Peter Vagovic at 706-533-3614 or